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Decoupage Crackle And Soldering Techniques

Decoupage Crackle And Soldering Techniques


Learn decoupage, crackle techniques and soldering!  The class is priced with a kit ($150) and without ($100).  If you opt for the kit, it includes:

  • Convex Glass
  • Wooden Backing
  • Scalloped Copper Tape
  • Jump Rings
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Rice Paper
  • Two Part Pentart Crackle System


Additional supplies needed are:

  • Paint Brushes
  • Topcoat
  • Soldering Iron


If you dont need a kit and have your own supplies, simply purchase the class; however, the kit can not be sold seperatly.


You will be added to a private FaceBook group.  


In order to make it easier to add you to the group, please send a friend request to Mara LaFay.


Please Note:

Because shipping is included in the price of the kit, please select in-store pick up when ordering.  Also please do not add any other items to the kit.

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