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Vintage   Retail    Therapy
By Mara


IOD Summer 2024 Release

Home & Lifestyle 2024

  • Various subjects monthly

  • Perfect for the begginer or advanced student

  • Great community of like minded friends

  • Class projects and guest teachers

  • A fun Safe enviroment to creat,connect and learn



My Name is Mara LaFay

Vintage Retail Therapy (by Mara) is a boutique DIY brick and mortar  studio located in the lovely town of Fallbrook, California, in north San Diego County.  Whether your looking to restyle furniture to provide a fresh look, create mixed media items, home decor or just crafting with your friends, we have you covered.  We carry an extensive line of products to meet your creative needs. 


If you enjoy a live classroom or online teaching, Mara LaFay, owner, provides regular scheduled live videos on Facebook at Vintage Retail Therapy By Mara.  

If you prefer a shorter, streamlined version of the videos, they are available on YouTube at Vintage Retail Therapy By Mara.  

My approach to painting and redesigning is artistic, timeless, yet unexpected. My motto is "More is more!" I'm a texture junkie and love specialty finishes. I've traveled the world as a working hairdresser and have even worked as a floral designer before painting furniture came into my life and it has been quite a wonderful journey. 


We look forward to meeting you.


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